For those who have not updated Zoom , please do the following on the device(s) that are normally used by doing the following:

Click on:

You may see on your screen “Zoom – One Platform to Connect” and and an Update button next to it.  Click on the Update button.  If you don’t see any Update button, your version of Zoom is up-to-date.


On your computer to join us copy and paste the following link

Use passcode: Love

Then follow these steps:

1. Click on the “open” button

2. Click on the “Join without video”button

3. Click on “Join with computer audio” button


Dial 1-253-215-8782

1. When asked for the meeting ID, enter: 753 829 7336 #

2. When asked to enter the participant ID or to press the pound key (#), press the # Key

3. When asked for the password, enter:100414 #

Christ taught us to heal

The Quality of Kindness

Let’s prepare for election

Uncover and destroy materiality

Paul taught Christianity which brought Christian Science

Gratitude is Riches

The True Food and Drink

Expectancy of Good

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